Kinne Associates is a national consulting firm providing experienced emergency management staff with a proven understanding of FEMA programs to Federal, State and local governments and non-profit organizations.

Kinne Associates, LLC, supports of all levels of government by effectively managing and implementing pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster recovery programs. Whether you need assistance with preparedness, training, mitigation, or recovery, Kinne Associates, LLC, has the resources to ensure your organization will prepare for and recover from any disaster.

Kinne Associates President, Richard Kinne, is an accomplished crisis and emergency management leader with over 25 years of experience in all phases of emergency management, including planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Richard has been deployed to over 50 ‘presidentially declared disasters’ to support FEMA Public Assistance response and recovery efforts, as well as state and local emergency management agencies. Among the disasters that Richard has responded to are hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Isabel, and Katrina, the Florida hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, Northridge earthquake, World Trade Center 9/11, and various floods, fires, snowstorms and tornadoes across the U.S. and its Caribbean and Pacific territories.

Richard has been a guest speaker at numerous National and State Conferences (National Hurricane Conference, PRIMA, RIMS, Florida Insurance Conference) on the FEMA Public Assistance Program and Risk Management. He has participated in several pilot programs initiated by FEMA Public Assistance and been an integral part of the process to rewrite their regulations and policies. Additionally, Richard was certified as a national trainer in the FEMA Public Assistance programs, Cost Estimating Format (CEF), and insurance for FEMA.

Richard’s extensive experience includes developing, training, and establishing a national cadre to assist state and local governments, and private sector entities with on-site technical expertise and emergency management services. He oversaw services such as expert evaluation and estimation of damages, preparation and submission of documentation to obtain FEMA Public Assistance funding, and grant administration of the funding from the initial request to the final closeout.

As a FEMA Technical Assistance Contractor, Richard was the Field Operations Manager to the FEMA Public Assistance program for numerous disasters. He was responsible for large deployments of highly skilled and technical capable personnel needed to assist FEMA in its response and recovery operations of ‘presidentially declared disaster’ events. He has led several Long Term Recovery Operations of local communities for FEMA, including the redevelopment plan for Princeville, NC—the first African-American community established after the civil war, which was completely flooded and destroyed by Hurricane Floyd.

Prior to his consultant work with FEMA, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations, Richard was a consultant to the insurance industry on risk assessment and insurance adjustment of catastrophic disaster events. He has an expert knowledge of risk management and underwriting, and he has worked with the leading insurers and brokers in the industry.